Project Fee Confiramtion


The fee estimator is provided as a tool to get approximate fees for permits obtained from the Building Division. The fee information provided is ONLY AN ESTIMATE. There may be fees required for your project that are NOT in your estimate, examples of these fees are:

School District Fees

Environmental Health Review Fees

Public Works Review Fees

County Facilities Fees

Fees based on specific areas or values

Some fees are required by other districts, departments and are not required in all projects, these fees, if required, will be added to your permit at the time of submittal to the Building Division.


By choosing "I Agree" you are confirming that you have read the above information and understand that not all fees will be included in your estimate. You also agree that you will not expect the final permit fee cost to match the estimate or submit a pre-printed check in the amount of the estimate.


By choosing "I Disagree" you will exit the fee estimator and return to the home page.